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Application of Cooling Fan

The application fields of industrial cooling fans are quite extensive, generally used for ventilation and heat dissipation in photovoltaic, energy storage industries, electronic appliances,communication equipment, medical machinery, automotive drives etc.

For example,in the energy storage industry,a large amount of electrical energy generates thermal energy,leading to an increase in system temperature.It is necessary to dissipate the heat through a cooling fan to maintain stable internal operation of the energy storage battery pack.Most energy storage devices use cooling fans models such as DC8028, DC8038, DC9025, DC12038.

Cooling fans can be customized in different fields with different solutions: mainstream solutions include PWM+FG, PWM+RD. Whether it's size requirements or waterproof requirements, Xiehengda Electronics Co., Ltd. will fully meet the customized needs of customers.   


Axial Cooling Fan
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