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DFX2006 DC Blower Fan

  • micro blower fan 5v

Durable life small fans for cooling

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Specifications of DFX2006 DC Blower Fan

ListedRatedOperatingRated CurrentRated SpeedAirStaticNoiseAvailable Features (Optional)Weight


TachometerRotationThermalPulse Width
X=S: Sleeve Bearing or B: Ball Bearing or H: Hydro Bearing; Specifications are subject to change without notice

Description of DFX2006 DC Blower Fan

  • Frame: 4830+Stainless steel aluminium

  • Impeller: 4830

  • Bearing Type: Sleeve Bearing / Ball Bearing / Hydro Bearing

  • Lead Wires: UL Type or Equivalent ( + ) : Red ( - ) : Black

  • Motor Protection: Reverse Polarity Protected; Automatic Restart

  • Operating Temperature and Humidity: -10℃~70℃,5%~90%RH

  • Storage Temperature and Humidity: -40℃~80℃,5%~95%RH

Description of DFX2006 DC Blower Fan

Description of DFX2006 DC Blower Fan

Industrial design, mold development, electric engineering are the core components of Xie Heng Da 20mm blower fan.

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